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The Passion of Two Wheels

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“Are we there yet” and “I think we’re lost” are familiar phrases bandied around when traveling inside a four wheel vehicles. But these phrases have a different meaning when you “try life on a bike”.

On a bike, no one ever asks “are we there yet” and anyone who has tried “life on a bike” is sure to admit that it’s unlikely that they “ever discovered themselves in a minivan”. And the best thing about life on a bike is the sense of freedom and the knowledge that “you are never lost on a bike”.

This is the passion of “two wheels” and at the Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council (MMIC) we want to re-awaken your senses to the world outside. We want you to remember what it was like when in your youth you rode a bike. It was never about where you were going but about the trip to get there.

It’s about the exhilaration of the ride. Because we love motorcycling so much, we think everyone should have an opportunity to discover for themselves the unrestricted joy of riding.

In fact, this is the message we want past, present and future motorcycle & scooter enthusiasts to be reminded of during our motorcycle & scooter campaign.

It’s also about choice and that choice could be two-wheel riding on a scooter. Life on a scooter introduces the savvy urban or city dweller to an exciting alternative vehicle for those business or fun loving commutes. Remember, it’s about the quality of life; scooters are just one-way of making it better.