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Contacting MMIC
Contact Administrator of Sales Accounting

Please use this form to contact Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council’s Administrator of Sales Accounting Samantha Sun.

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2024 Motorcycle and OHV Shows

Motorcycle and OHV Shows
2024 Motorcycle and OHV Shows

Canada’s premier powersports events roar back into Canada in 2024.

Fueled by strong manufacturer support, as well as innovative new programming experiences, the 2024 Motorcycle Shows are set to deliver plenty of fun, excitement, and new discoveries for riders of all styles, ages and experience levels.

On road and off-road riders, future riders, and lovers of the motorcycle and quad lifestyle will be able to check out some of the most anticipated models for 2024.  Many of the world’s top manufacturers will debut their latest and greatest models. There is no other show in the country with this level of brand representation.

Additionally, the 2024 Shows will also feature a selection of custom and vintage motorcycles, parts, gear, apparel, and accessories.  Riding clubs, training schools, touring destinations, and charity rides, will be ready to answer all your riding related questions and help you kick start the next riding season.

Additional features, programming and entertainment are also in the works, and will be announced in the coming months.

The motorcycle shows have always been the turning point in a long Canadian winter. They are the signal that the spring riding season is just around the corner.

For the most up-to-date information, please visit us online at, or follow us on Facebook.

Power Sport Services™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council and the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council. Power Sport Services™ focuses on innovation and leading-edge management of the motorcycle, OHV and power sport vehicle shows and the Open Road Motorcycle Insurance program.


Laurie Paetz, Director of Events
Tel: 403-998-0447

Vincent Trepanier, Sales and Marketing Manager (Montreal)
Tel: 438-995-8397

Lori Borda, Sales Manager (Toronto)
Tel:  519-717-3200


Who We Are

MMIC Information

Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council – Who We Are

The Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council, originally founded in 1971, is a national, non-profit, trade association which represents the responsible interests of the major motorcycle and scooter manufacturers, as well as the manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets of motorcycle and scooter-related products and services in Canada.

The member companies of the MMIC account for approximately 90 percent of all the new on-road motorcycles and scooters sold in Canada. The MMIC is funded entirely by its Members and Industry Partners and by the programs and services it offers.

Membership in the association is limited to those organizations engaged in the business of manufacturing and/or distributing whole motorcycles, mopeds or scooters in Canada.

Industry Partners
Industry Partners are those organizations engaged in the business of manufacturing and/or distributing whole motorcycles, mopeds or scooters in Canada, as well as motorcycle-related aftermarket products and services

Motorcycle & Moped Industry CouncilMembers

Membership in the association is limited to those organizations engaged in the business of manufacturing and/or distributing whole motorcycles, mopeds or scooters in Canada. The Board of Directors of the MMIC may, by resolution, admit as a new member any organization fulfilling the necessary criteria, having received a written request for membership.

Benefits of MMIC membership

  • One voting representative on each committee of the MMIC.
  • Monthly wholesale and retail motorcycle/scooter sales statistics, by company, model, cc size, and category, nationally and by province, city and postal code. (participation is mandatory)
  • Volume show space rates at the PSS Motorcycle and OHV Shows in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal and Quebec.
  • Participation in strategic planning and priority determination for MMIC.
  • Monthly e-newsletter.
  • Annual Motorcycle and OHV Industry Statistics Report.
  • Regular updates on federal and provincial regulatory requirements.
  • Regular updates on operator requirements for street legal motorcycles in each province and territory.
  • In-house guidance on compliance issues.
  • Federal and provincial legislative submissions on issues that affect the motorcycle industry.

Fee Structure of MMIC Membership

The fee structure for members in the MMIC is based on three criteria – an annual due; a per unit wholesale amount; and a wholesale dollar amount based on each company’s percentage of total wholesale dollar. Member company fees are reviewed and approved each year by the Board of Directors during the budget process. The fiscal year of the MMIC is from January 1st to December 31st. As well, there is a per unit fee on street legal motorcycles and scooters to financially support the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada.

MMIC’s Organization

The main operating committee of the MMIC is the Executive Committee. It meets approximately four times each year. The Executive Committee reports to the Board of Directors, which meets at least once each year. The Technical Standards and Compliance Committee, the Policy and Government Relations Committee meet approximately three to four times per year depending on the urgency and importance of the subjects being discussed.


Annual Motorcycle, Scooter & OHV Industry Statistics Report Summary

MMIC Industry Statistics
Annual Motorcycle, Scooter & OHV Industry Statistics Report Summary

Annual Motorcycle, Scooter and OHV Industry Statistics Report 2021

The member companies of the MMIC account for approximately 95% of all the new on-road motorcycles and scooters sold in Canada, while COHV member companies account for approximately 90% of the new recreational off highway vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and off-road motorcycles sold in Canada. The MMIC and COHV are funded entirely by their members, industry partners and the programs and services they offer.

Over 127,196 new units of motorcycles, scooters and OHVs plus parts and accessories were sold during
2021. When combined with part and accessories the result was an estimated retail value of $1,912,786,000. Motorcycles and scooters accounted for 56.89% of total new units sold, while OHVs made up the remaining 43.11%.


Dealer Insurance

Insurance Programs
Dealer Insurance

Why Powersport dealers trust the Federated Insurance Program

Federated Insurance has over 95 years of experience creating custom-built insurance solutions for car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, power sports and recreational vehicle dealers.

Through our experience working with both authorized dealers, we understand the risks you’re exposed to on a daily basis.

So whether your dealership sells motorcycles, ATVs, ROVs, snowmobiles or personal watercraft, take advantage of our industry expertise to get a tailored and complete commercial insurance solution designed specifically for your powersport dealer business.

The Federated Insurance Program provides:

  • Customized insurance solutions designed for powersport dealers
  • Dedicated advisors who work with you directly
  • Expanded coverage options
  • Flexible payment and deductible options
  • Quick, no-hassle renewals

Insurance coverage for your dealership

In addition to providing you with coverage for liability, property and employees our toolbox is filled with coverages designed specifically for your powersport dealers industry to ensure that you’re properly protected:

Blanket Coverage:

We provide a blanket limit coverage for all of your business contents, whether on or off your premises.

Mechanic’s Warranty of Work:

We’ll cover corrections for mistakes made through the installation of a defective part or as a result of faulty work on customers’ vehicles.

Up to 100% of Retail Charges on Repairs:

When asked to use your own facilities to repair damaged vehicles, you’ll receive up to 100% of normal retail charges for such repairs.


We’ll protect you against odometer tampering.

False Pretense:

We’ll protect you against the loss of vehicles due to tricks or schemes.

New Vehicle Sales Protection:

We provide coverage for claims from a customer who is dissatisfied with a vehicle purchased from you.

Customers’ Vehicles:

We offer liability and physical damage protection for customers’ vehicles when they are in your possession, on your property or on a test drive.

Business Interruption:

You can take advantage of our business interruption insurance to help protect your business from a loss of income.


We offer insurance coverage to help protect you from employee dishonesty, credit card forgery and other types of theft by employees and others.


We’ll help to keep your business cyber safe with costs coverage for data recovery, customer breach communications and e-commerce threats.

Company Vehicles:

We’ll make sure you have the right coverage for all of your company vehicles, whether you have just one or a whole fleet.

Improvements to ‘Floor Plan’ vehicles:

We’ll protect the enhancements (additional parts and accessories) you add to floor-planned vehicles, if not covered by the floor plan insurance program.


Personal insurance solutions are available for your home and vehicles. So whether you own a house, cottage, car, boat or RV, we can help you build a complete insurance package that protects your business, your employees and your family.


Contact Manager of Statistics and Finance

Contacting MMIC
Contact Manager of Statistics and Finance

Please use this form to contact Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council’s Manager of Statistics and Finance, Verina Muharremi.

Contact MMIC Manager of Statistics and Finance


Monthly Motorcycle Sales Reports

MMIC Industry Statistics
Monthly Motorcycle Sales Reports

Complimentary monthly Canadian Motorcycle and Off-Highway Vehicle retail sales reports.

The reports are prepared by our Director of Communications, David Grummett.


Rider Insurance

Insurance Programs
Rider Insurance
Open Road Motorcycle Insurance Logo

Power Sport Service’s Open Road®Motorcycle Insurance

You ride.  We ride. The Open Road program was designed to provide an easy, cost effective means to acquire insurance for you, the motorcyclist.

Open Road Motorcycle Insurance is the only insurance program endorsed by all of the major motorcycle distributors in Canada.

“Insurance for motorcyclists by motorcyclists”, what does that mean? It means Open Road’s goal is to offer you more choice to get you lower insurance premiums and save you money with friendly, helpful service. For convenience and additional discounts you have the option to add your home and automobile policies.

Open Road insures you – the motorcyclist, not just the motorcycle. This means we can insure your street bike, dirt bike, ATV and Side-by-Side plus your home and your other automobile. Adding other coverage opens the door to more insurance companies that would prefer to insure your bike as part of a greater portfolio. This can lead to greater savings!

Visit the Open Road website to get a quote!


Motorcycle Rider Training

Rider Information
Motorcycle Rider Training

Motorcycle Rider Training in Canada

Even before you have purchased a motorcycle, the best way you can learn about motorcycling is from the experts. Whether you are new to motorcycling or returning to an old passion, you will benefit from a motorcycle Rider Training course. And, yes, the motorcycle is supplied for the basic learner’s course. As well, as an added bonus, you may qualify for savings on your motorcycle insurance!

MMIC supports motorcycle rider training programs across Canada. The MMIC believes that rider training is one of the best ways, if not the best way, to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

MMIC provides a complimentary up-to-date listing of Rider Training programs on our GoMotorcycling website. Please visit for our list.

All recognized rider training programs have certain characteristics in common:

  • they are ‘recognized’ by the provincial licensing ministry or agency;
  • they use highly trained instructors who must meet established standards;
  • they use an approved curriculum.

To get started you need to understand the following:

  • You need a separate motorcycle license to ride a motorcycle;
  • Motorcycle licence requirements differ from province to province; and
  • In most provinces, rider training can help you obtain your motorcycle license.

General Guidelines for Rider Training Courses

For those who are inexperienced, or for those with some experience but require basic licensing, or for those of you who are returning to the sport after an extended absence, we recommend:

Introductory Riding Basics Programs

These basic training programs are a comprehensive 18-hour experience to give you necessary motorcycle handling skills. They are conducted away from traffic on motorcycles that the course provides. They are geared toward personal coaching and a relaxed approach to put you at ease while also challenging you.

The typical course is scheduled on a weekend or two week days. The weekend starts Thursday or Friday evening with a three-hour classroom discussion of risk factors and basic riding strategies. During the course you will ride a series of exercises that builds one skill after another until you have a sense of control and accomplishment.

The program concludes on the afternoon of the second day with an on-site riding exercise to meet provincial ministry standards. If you are successful, the riding school is authorized by the ministry to issue you a certificate for your next level of motorcycle licence (in applicable provinces).

Advanced Training: Riding Strategies Programs

For those motorcyclists who presently have your probationary licence and need to obtain your full motorcycle licence, or who want a higher comfort level in traffic, we recommend Advanced Training.

This higher level training program qualifies you to obtain your full motorcycle licence in many provinces. Advanced training assumes that you have basic motorcycle handling skills in traffic. It fine-tunes your traffic observation and management practices on your own motorcycle in a real traffic environment.

The training differs from province to province and usually involves a minimum of nine to fifteen hours.

The ratio riders to each instructor is small and ranges around three or four to keep your learning intimate and relaxed. Typically, training will take place on Friday evening and either a Saturday or Sunday.

This course is enjoyable for the camaraderie of group riding, and especially for the development of confidence in your skills.

Questions to Ask Before You Register

We know from our students what contributes to an enjoyable and effective learning experience. Ask about:

  • the size of the group
  • the number of instructors available to you
  • the size and variety of the training motorcycles available
  • if it is a ministry-approved course
  • if there is any cost for re-test should you not pass on the first attempt
  • whether you will be encouraged to try more than one style of motorcycle
  • the flexibility of payment options and scheduling
  • if more practice time is available to you should you need to get more comfortable with your skills
  • if you will enjoy yourself with instructors that are there exclusively to pass on to you their expertise and enthusiasm for the sport.


Contact Manager of Policy and Government Relations

Contacting MMIC
Contact Manager of Policy and Government Relations

Please use this form to contact MMIC’s Manager of Policy and Government Relations, Paul Demers.

Contact MMIC Manager of Policy and Government Relations