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Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council Programs and Services

Retail Sales Information

We have expanded our monthly sales information. New street bike sales will be provided by cc size and type, (touring, sport and custom-classic), exclusive to MMIC & COHV members and industry partners. You will also receive a twelve-month running total of sales for each category of street motorcycle. You can see this information on the members-only section of the website or it will be mailed to you each month.

Critical Market Information

The MMIC and COHV will continue to provide all of its timely services to help you target your market even better. Monthly sales statistics and market trends, detailed annual industry statistics, pertinent legislative information and a monthly newsletter will help your company position itself better and more effectively. Information is power. Good, timely information is the powerful advantage you need to penetrate the market, increase sales and make even more money.

Effective Representation

A strong voice is crucial to the success of any industry. Over the years MMIC and COHV have established excellent credibility with the various governments in this country. This ensures that we are taken seriously and that our positions are respected. By joining the MMIC and COHV you are doing your part to ensure that the interests of your industry will continue to be well represented to senior government officials.

Expanded Website Services

We have expanded our website to include a members-only section which contains the most recent newsletters, specially tailored reports, and hot-off-the-press regulatory information. An employment section for finding specialized motorcycle-knowledgeable staff has also been added to assist your business at no additional charge.