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May is Motorcycle Safety Month

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May is Motorcycle Safety Month

Motorcycle Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

Every spring the motorcyclist emerges from hibernation to face a new season of fun and freedom. Every May we have “Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Month” to commemorate the new riding season and promote a safe riding season.

The Safety part of the month applies to the rider. The rider’s skills may be rusty as a result of their long winters nap. The roads are cold, dirty and slippery. This combination can be fatal to the unsuspecting rider. Therefore, it is important to spread the word of safety to our fellow riders each spring.

At the same time automobile drivers have become quite accustomed to driving without the worry of their exposed two and three wheeled counterparts. The auto drivers must have their optics reprogrammed to see motorcycles. Without the programming riders will be invisible even when they are in clear sight.

Riders can do many things to help them stay safe. Skill improvement through additional training. Practice is important before the rider embarks on extended journeys. ATGATT stands for All The Gear All The Time. Even a quick trip warrants proper protective riding gear.

Drivers can add motorcycles back to their visual menu. Be alert and be aware.

May is a reminder that all riders should strive to be the best rider that they can be. It’s also a message to automobile drivers to be aware that the motorcycles are back.

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