Dealer Insurance

Why Powersport dealers trust the Federated Insurance Program

Federated Insurance has over 95 years of experience creating custom-built insurance solutions for car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, power sports and recreational vehicle dealers.

Through our experience working with both authorized dealers, we understand the risks you’re exposed to on a daily basis.

So whether your dealership sells motorcycles, ATVs, ROVs, snowmobiles or personal watercraft, take advantage of our industry expertise to get a tailored and complete commercial insurance solution designed specifically for your powersport dealer business.

The Federated Insurance Program provides:

  • Customized insurance solutions designed for powersport dealers
  • Dedicated advisors who work with you directly
  • Expanded coverage options
  • Flexible payment and deductible options
  • Quick, no-hassle renewals

Insurance coverage for your dealership

In addition to providing you with coverage for liability, property and employees our toolbox is filled with coverages designed specifically for your powersport dealers industry to ensure that you’re properly protected:

Blanket Coverage:

We provide a blanket limit coverage for all of your business contents, whether on or off your premises.

Mechanic’s Warranty of Work:

We’ll cover corrections for mistakes made through the installation of a defective part or as a result of faulty work on customers’ vehicles.

Up to 100% of Retail Charges on Repairs:

When asked to use your own facilities to repair damaged vehicles, you’ll receive up to 100% of normal retail charges for such repairs.


We’ll protect you against odometer tampering.

False Pretense:

We’ll protect you against the loss of vehicles due to tricks or schemes.

New Vehicle Sales Protection:

We provide coverage for claims from a customer who is dissatisfied with a vehicle purchased from you.

Customers’ Vehicles:

We offer liability and physical damage protection for customers’ vehicles when they are in your possession, on your property or on a test drive.

Business Interruption:

You can take advantage of our business interruption insurance to help protect your business from a loss of income.


We offer insurance coverage to help protect you from employee dishonesty, credit card forgery and other types of theft by employees and others.


We’ll help to keep your business cyber safe with costs coverage for data recovery, customer breach communications and e-commerce threats.

Company Vehicles:

We’ll make sure you have the right coverage for all of your company vehicles, whether you have just one or a whole fleet.

Improvements to ‘Floor Plan’ vehicles:

We’ll protect the enhancements (additional parts and accessories) you add to floor-planned vehicles, if not covered by the floor plan insurance program.


Personal insurance solutions are available for your home and vehicles. So whether you own a house, cottage, car, boat or RV, we can help you build a complete insurance package that protects your business, your employees and your family.