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Getting Started into Motorcycling

040708-N-8970J-002 San Diego, Calif. (July 8, 2004) - Motorcycle safety class instructor Chief Aviation Electronics Technician Dan Ganet shows a student where he should have stopped, during motorcycle driver training at Naval Auxiliary Landing Field (NALF), Imperial Beach. Drivers use their own motorcycles for the half-day class, which is currently mandatory for active duty personnel who choose to drive motorcycles on military installations. U.S. Navy photo by Deris Jeannette (RELEASED)

The MMIC wants to extend that warm welcome to those who may now be thinking about getting started into motorcycling.

There are a number of practical reasons to ride a motorcycle but there are even more very human ones. As MMIC’s President, Robert Ramsay, puts it: “There is no feeling like experiencing the world on two wheels. Because we love motorcycling so much, we think everyone should have an opportunity to discover for themselves the unrestricted joy of riding.” “And,” adds Mr. Ramsay, “because most motorcyclists tend to regard each other as members of a distinctive group, sharing unique experiences and feelings, the idea of presenting those who ride as a kind of family of individuals, has tremendous appeal to us.

“Our industry wants to send out the message that the world of motorcycling is an inclusive, welcoming one in which just about everyone can participate safely, easily and have an awful lot of fun while they’re doing it.”